Advanced Cognitive Technology

We've been using Artificial Intelligence to process, characterize and truly understand content and arguments in your customers' communications, achieving high performance automation.

Language Understanding

NLU to extract complex elements
and deduce real information
within the open text.

Computer Vision

Use advanced AI to capture
strategic unstructurded information
of customers in real time.

Cognitive Robotic Automation

A big step beyond traditional RPA
achieving remarkable performance
and flexibility in automated tasks.

Our cognitive technology enables organizations to an evolutionary step up towards scaling and customer value improvement, by adopting artificial intelligence services and automating several cognitive tasks and even opening new business opportunities. Check out our cognitive services below.

R:Solver Solutions


Advanced Document Understanding

Whether it's processing the legal contents of an open text document or checking multiple documents validity, and even extracting critical elements from the natural-language text, our content processing and understanding platform can automate complex processes reducing time, cost, and errors to zero.


Customer Communications Understanding

Being able to react instantly to your customers and users communications is a key aspect un customer experience. Having this platform to automatically recognize needs, intentions, emotions, urgency, and other aspects becomes a must-have for your service.


Visual Understanding

Imagine you could have real-time information of the demographics of your customers, or the emotional reaction to using your services. Our visual platform is able to obtain critical information directly from cameras in the service area, among other features.


Intelligence from competitions data

Extract operational pricing and availability information from your competition's online sources to give you an intelligent advantage in real time.

Advanced Concilitation


Intelligent Accounts Conciliation.

Automatically compare your purchase orders, supplier contracts, and all the tributary documents and banking movements, to have an zero fault, instantand controlled supplier & providers conciliation process.