Customer Intelligence through Human Perception

Everything you can learn from your customers and users perception becomes your most critical asset.


Emotions and intentions from text

Automatically interpreting what people expresses in different text sources with R:Alize Services, from emails to social media comments and surveys.


Human perception from video

Images are worth a thousand words, especially when interpreted in real time. Learn through R:Vision how people really feel, but hardly say.


Legal argument research & text characterization

Powerful automation of legal documents processing, instantly extracting strategic arguments and relevant and critical information, enriching your digital assets by using R:Text.


Social media content interpretation

Most of todays people's perception is flushed through social media, becoming a critical source of updated perception information, through R:Alize Services, for brands and personalities.


Open questions evaluation

Imagine a robot reading and instantly evaluating open-text answers to questionnaires and surveys. Meet AIKER, our natural language assesment solution.


Customer behavior prediction

Your customers perception and preferences, both individually and collectivelly, provide powerful insights to human behavior in different contexts, through Pyvana.

Strategic Customer Intelligence in Real Time

We transform the valuable non-structured information from customers and users into real perception, intention, and opinion, for a radical strategic digital transformation.