About R:Solver

How it started and how it is going

R:Solver was founded in 2011 in Santiago, CHILE, with the goal of bringing the most advanced artificial intelligence based technology to a practical use in different industries. The initial main focus was top solve resource optimization problems in industries such as Salmon Farming, Airports, and Mining and Agriculture Supply Chain. This effort resulted in some solutions that set the basis for the next stage in R:Solver's development, that used extensively IoT and optimization heuristics.

2013 proposed the first real application of some Machine Learning-based Natural Language Processing techniques to implement an advanced legal document characterization process with public innovation funds (CORFO in Chile). This was the first of many innovative tools we've been implementing for the past years in the cognitive technology area, especially focused in NLU (Natural Language Understanding).

From then on and after a decade, R:Solver is a consolidated actor in the high-tech artificial intelligence market in Latin America, with a high specialization in non-structured human-related input processing and understanding with some traditional, but mostly state-of-the-arte artificial intelligence-based techniques.