Expert Solutions

Salmon Farming
From the precise and reliable RFID-based individual net identification, to the complex year-long operation planning, R:DPlan handles structured information of areas, centers, single nets, history of each net, repairs and status of nets in the center, and the integral management of net rotation and maintenance. The R:DPlan suite of products helps salmon farming companies and workshops to significantly reduce operational costs and have absolute control over individual net information, allowing better farming planning Check out the specific site:

Innovative and reliable software solutions for salmon farming nets and food operations.

The full Salmon Net Workshop ERP

Tracking and Optimizing Salmon Food Distribution

Supply Chain Management
The most innovative solution for the complex goods and supplies chain management, tracking the whole process from the purchase order to the final delivery and stock monitoring, R:ESC (R:Solver Expert Supply Chain solution) combines different modules, including a planning method based on a complex optimization heuristic that addresses routing, demand planning, and cost optimization.

A powerful and intelligent solution for Supply Chain Management

With the increase in air traffic, several airports are being tested to the top of their capacity, but expert systems have proven successfull in optimizing different parts of the operation, both for airport operators and airline managers. From the complex and challenging assignment of flights and airplains, scheduling the use of parking positions throughout the daily operation and solving the stressing demands of peak hours, R:GO and R:GPlan face the needs of an airport management office and also a strategic planning and operations department of an airline.

An extremely efficient and intelligent resource planning tool. Based on a custom-designed optimization heuristic, R:GO handles the complex Airport Gate Assignment Problem (AGAP), even incluing some of the most sophisticaded conditions found in several high-traffic airports in South America and other places.

R:GPlan is a highly valuable expert solution for the planning and operations optimization of an airline, especially considering high-demand hubs. It offers several top features, such as automatically proposing new scheduling for high-demand itineraries and optimizing staff and resources for maintenance in airport.

Agricultural, Mining, and other Production Areas
From irrigation channels monitoring to the accurate and predictive measurement of wine deposits, and to the intelligent and predictive controlled monitoring of an industrial corn drying process, R:Sensor is a powerful software suite of products that integrates wireless sensor networks (WSN) and different devices on Internet (the Internet of Things - IoT) to keep a real time precise vision of conditions affecting a critical and strategic industrial process.
Check out our R:Sensor website:

R:Sensor is a versatile live-sensor monitoring platform, that allows complex sensor-data analysis and processing. It includes complex prediction models that allow smart alert management and value prediction. R:Sensor is currently being used for:

  • Agricultural water distribution monitoring and alert system.
  • Agricultural gate control and detection.
  • Hydroelectric high-efficiency energy generation control and monitoring
  • Corn seed drying process monitoring and prediction.
  • Wine production storage monitoring and alert system.
  • Mining supplies storage monitoring and alert system.

    Finance and Brokerage
    There are several finance and brokerage high-end software packages in the market today, but R:Spot goes beyond those standard features, by understanding the complex human-related issues of handling a portfolio of wealthy and demanding customers and the dynamics of their strategic position in the forward and futures market.

    R:Spot handles efficiently a portfolio of high-end customers and their strategic position, transforming a typically reactive operation into a proactive one.


    Social Marketing
    We proudly introduce our top-of-the-line product, Simon Ve (Simon Sees, in english), code-named R:Alize, which combines the power of a context-aware web crawler, with the advantages of modern machine learning to get the most complete comment interpretation in the market. More details in

    Simon Ve searches social media for the real perception of names and brands. More details in


    Strategic and Efficient Warehousing
    Some of the most difficult challenges for different product-oriented companies is keeping and handling efficient warehouses and keeping accurate stocks, deriving in precise demand and stock planning. With these needs in mind, we developed two top-of-the-line products that use the best of modern software engineering and tracking technologies to provide a complete solution for these companies.

    R:InTracker addresses the need for an easy, fault-tolerant, high-value inventory tracking. The base for this solution are RFID tags and/or bar-code tags, thus maximizing the automation of inventory control, as well as transportation cycle monitoring. R:InTracker is currently used for handling warehouse inventory and product transportation tracking, even integrating this solution with complex logistics systems and the company ERP (such as SAP).

    R:Range or R:WMS complements R:InTracker, but also operates independently, focusing on the best possible arrangement and distribution of items in a warehouse. By means of a very powerful optimization heuristic, R:Range proposes a detailed layou and arrangement of thousands of items in a limited space warehouse, even optimizing picking routes and product seasonal demands, to get the most of the valuable stock.


    We have been thoroughly working on a first advanced medical diagnostics IA-based software tool, code named R:Greg. Our design and development has been focusing on improving its evolutive performance in rare diseases as well as early remote-site diagnostics. Please, come back soon for more details.